A mobile app platform that provides real-time harvest information for elevators and cooperatives, to better serve growers.

“We’ve found that information we are providing to farmers in real-time is almost addictive. They’re always checking the app, checking their loads.

They absolutely love it.”

Mike Metzger, Research Agronomist, Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative

Satisfied Growers

Through the mAgri app platform, growers are better able to manage their revenue cycles, stay on top of their account information, and keep a better eye on markets.

mAgri App Features

  • Scale Tickets: Track truck loads and produce real-time snapshots of harvest results.
  • Contracts: On the fly access to grain contracts.
  • Markets: Up-to-the-minute market information.
  • Cash Bids: Updated cash bids accessible through the app.
  • Custom Branding: Your elevator/cooperative retains your brand within the app.

Demonstrated Results for Elevators and Cooperatives

Within three weeks of lauching the mAgri app platform, one grain elevator had 90% of growers using the app and tracked over 18,000 user screen views. In addition, a sugar beet cooperative in North Dakota had 100% of growers using the app during the 2016 harvest.

Take It Anywhere

Branded to your local elevator. Available on Android and iOS. 

Efficient Use of Resources

The mAgri app platform provides major savings for internal staff in both paper, phone calls, and time just in talking to customers/growers. Growers can look to their mAgri app for real-time updates on account information, scale tickets, and how full their contracts are.

Additional Features

Launching Spring 2017

  • Profit notifications
  • Electronic signing of contracts
  • Real-time contract values
  • Sales history and account information
  • Assembly sheets

the mAgri app in action

Arthur Companies

Learn how a pioneer in agriculture is implementing the mAgri app platform for their growers.

the mAgri app in action

Minn-dak Farmers Cooperative

The app has 90% adoption among Minn-Dak growers — and they’re actively using it during harvest and beyond. Growers can see harvest yields on the fly during their busiest time of the year.

mAgri Clients

Amalgamated Sugar
The Arthur Companies
Hunter Grain
Min-Kota Ag Products
Tharaldson Ethanol


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